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Future Aspirations


In the coming months and years, Kamalashila Initiative will be working hard to achieve the following short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals:

Short-Term Goals:

  • A successful and safe return to programming for the Visiting Scholars Program. (ETA Spring 2022)

Mid-Term Goals:

  • Create a sustainable fundraising model that can reliablly fund:

    • the Visiting Scholars Program, year-after-year, including a contracted translator and an individual scholarship fund to help Visiting Scholars offset costs of participation (e.g. visa fees, travel costs, and health insurance for the duration of their stay) and;

    • the hiring of full-time and/or part-time staff to coordinate the Visiting Scholars Program, fundraise, build partnerships, and manage communications and outreach.

  • Expand the organization's external partnerships in the US to include more academic communities in which to send Visiting Scholars as well as identify more local community organizations to collaborate on cultural exchange and wellbeing activities.

Long-Term Goals:

  • Expand the organization's programmatic offerings to include:

    • an exchange program in partnership with monastic institutions and academic communities in India in which western scholars can visit, study abroad, and teach; and

    • a youth well-being program centered around cultivating a peaceful and altruistic mind through meditation practices in varying contexts (e.g. in nature).

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