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In collaboration with its Visiting Scholars and Community Partners, Kamalashila Initiative offers various activities through its Visiting Scholars Program to promote dialogue and cultural exchange.


Meditation Sessions

A regular meditation practice has been proven to increase wellness both emotionally and spiritually.


During weekly meditation sessions, Visiting Scholars share basic meditation techniques with students, staff and faculty. These techniques are rooted in ancient Tibetan Buddhist practices and are geared toward cultivating calmness and altruism for all sentient beings.

Speaking Engagements & Dialogues

Speaking engagements and dialogues tackle a number of themes relating to the application of Buddhist philosophy, developing tolerant and compassionate attitudes, cultivating altruism toward fellow human beings, and strengthening mental wellness in various daily contexts.


Introductory Tibetan Language Instruction

In the past, KI Visiting Scholars have offered a tuition-free, non-credit language class for beginning level Tibetan language. This unique experience can be available if enough interest is garnered from the UP community.

Community Activities

Visiting Scholars are often invited to engage with local community organizations in various activities, such as visiting after school daycare centers to lead brief meditation sessions and answer questions or engaging with local Buddhist centers of different denominations. All community engagements and activities are rooted in increasing wellbeing through the example and wisdom shared by the Visiting Scholars.

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